[2016] [韩国] [动作] [BT下载][偷窥的欲望][HD-MP4/2.01G][官方中文字幕][1080P][寻找另类激情]

◎译  名 偷窥的欲望/Voyeurism/西洋镜

◎片  名 관음증

◎年  代 2016

◎产  地 韩国

◎类  别 爱情/情色

◎语  言 韩语

◎上映日期 2016-02-25(韩国)

◎豆瓣评分 5.4/10 from 315 users

◎豆瓣链接 https://douban.com/subject/26737513/

◎片  长 100分钟

◎导  演 李相彬 Lee Sang-bin

◎主  演 이윤선

       卢素兰 Suram Noh


       葵司 Tsukasa Aoi

◎标  签 情色 | 啪啪啪 | 韩国 | 韩国电影 | 电影 | 2016 | 韓國 | 電影

◎简  介

  Can you film me without anyone knowing...not even me?

  A paparazzi reporter and a female doctor with exhibitionism can't help their instincts. Jae-hoon was a cameraman but he was fired for something and is now a paparazzi. He is known for his neat work but his usual task is catching people in affairs. One day he gets a call from a woman asking him to keep watch on her twin sister. The sister owns a sexual consulting clinic so he goes as a patient. Then he starts to watch her in secret. As time goes, he shows signs of voyeurism and obsesses with her. The doctor's sister cancels her request but it's too late. Then he finds out that the doctor wasn't a twin sister but in fact the client herself and he blinds himself. Did Jae-hoon's voyeurism go away or was he a sexual pervert? Or did he really love the doctor?

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